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Attention: Great care is taken with every board we sell. All dings are fixed, Boards are water tight to surf or hang on your wall. makes it simple to buy a Vintage surfboard!  No bidding or mail scams. We provide vintage surfboards with a lot of variety and conditions in all price ranges. Feel free to ask us any questions on these items,  we can help you with your decision. If it is not a consignment board, your surfboard purchase will be professionally packed by us and shipped to make sure it arrives safe.  All boards are rated from 1 to 10 in condition.  Surfboard purchases are first come first serve and once someone commits to the purchase, they have 7 days to complete payment.  Any pictures can always be obtained, just ask us.

1) Send us an inquiry about the item you chose.

2) If surfboard is available, we will have it shipped anywhere in continental US. If it is not a consignment board. Shipping is $75.00 by greyhound only(includes box).

3) Payments are accepted online at or you can mail a money order, the surfboard(s) will be sent once payment is received or money order cleared.

Note: All purchased can be returned within 10 days for $100 restocking fee(To cover shipping to you and our time). You will pay return shipping to us also.

We have boxes to ship your surfboard. Or you pick up.

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Pay by Paypal Button Under Surfboard of Your Choice.
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Attention: With many surfboards from the 60s to 80s selling for $500 - $10,000 or more.  Vintage surfboards are a great investment.  Being 2015, anything 25 years or older is now an antique. Boards older than 1983 are skyrocketing in value.  Do you know what’s happening? 80's boards are now collector’s items, not just used boards for sale. 

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