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Instinct (Shaun Tomson) Surfboards

In the mid-'70s, surfing with wild long hair was paramount, contest conformity was bogus and feral quests for mystical waves were the road to nirvana. The last thing the sport wanted was a professional, well-spoken figure at the helm, but that's what it got in Shaun Tomson. Years ahead of his contemporaries, he stood alone with articulate grace and redefined tuberiding in the process.
Tomson was born in Durban, South Africa, where he picked up his first longboard at age 10. He made the transition to shortboards as the revolution encompassed the world in years to follow. By the time the '60s were out, Tomson had won the South African Boys' title, attended his Bar Mitzvah and had his first experience in Hawaiian surf. The landmark Hawaii winter of 1975-'76 belonged to a group of groundbreaking regularfoots and Tomson, in particular. At the Pipeline Masters, a goofyfoot stronghold, his backhand vaulted him past a quintet of established maestros to victory. Even more convincingly, he lifted tuberiding to new heights with his in-the-barrel maneuvering at Backdoor and Off the Wall. Real tuberiding was still mired in early childhood, only having been explored for a handful of seasons, but Tomson delved deeper than anyone thought imaginable. The results were captured by Bill Delaney in his seminal film Free Ride. As audiences witnessed Tomson turning and pumping through unmakable sections, his status as the world's best was solidified. As a competitor, Tomson's consistency and longevity marked one of the most prolific careers in professional surfing. A barnacle in the Top 16, from the tour's inception until 1989, he earned the 1977 world title and came inches from regaining it from Tom Carroll in 1985. His popularity was immense, garnering him top honors at the 1978 Surfer Poll and successful business ventures with Instinct apparel and Shaun Tomson Surfboards.

tri-fin, thruster; 6’-5” x 18-3/4” x 2-3/8”
1980’s, used Shaun Tomson Surfboard (South Africa pro surfer).  The board’s tail section is a standard tri-fin, thruster.  The glass-on fins are in perfect condition (never repaired/no stress marks).  The entire board was glassed clear.  A total of 4 surf logos are located on the deck (two Shaun Tomson logos, one Shoreline Glassing logo, and one Surfbeat logo).  On the bottom, one Shoreline Glassing logo is located at the nose.  The board is numbered on the deck, at the tail, “300m.”  The entire board is white.  The combination of polished gloss-coat and deck logos makes this a good looking board.  A few pressure marks are located on the board (perfectly normal), expected from normal use, but never abused.  Other than the pressure marks, the board is void of the following issues: no open dings, no de lamination, no soft spots, no water marks, no twisting, and no stress marks.  Shaun Tomson surfboards are highly collectable and extremely difficult to locate.  This board should be considered for your collection.
Condition 9.8 (Near Mint)

shaun tompson surfboard.jpg
instinct surfboards.jpg

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Shaun Tomson Surfboards.jpg
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Attention: With many surfboards from the 60s to 80s selling for $500 - $10,000 or more.  Vintage surfboards are a great investment.  Being 2015, anything 25 years or older is now an antique. Boards older than 1983 are skyrocketing in value.  Do you know what’s happening? 80's boards are now collector’s items, not just used boards for sale. 

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